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We provide latest technology and consumable products for all marine and other specialist industries. Our professional stocking service promises to deliver fast, efficient, confidential and affordable results! We will take the stress out of ordering and take full control so you can keep calm and carry on! Talk to us today! 

Here at the Boat Supply Company we care not only about you and consider the impacts of operations on our oceans too, making available to you ecological options along with products we all know well too.

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Knowing that is important to keep your exterior well maintained. We supply products to support you in this challenging environment. Products include a wide range of applications including polymer soaps, teak care, metal treatment, multiple surface solutions, cleaning systems, Nanotechnology, paints, varnish and enzyme treatments. We offer different types water toys and utilities for work at sea including several inflatables which make it easier for guests and crew to enjoy and work in the elements. Customisation of certain products is available. Please note that for fender systems and lines go to the Protection and Safety section.


We believe that this is the heart of your vessel, giving you access to products and materials that will help you maintain this area. Products include tools and accessories to help get the job done, HVAC filters, PTFE, marine lubricant, salt repellent, anti-corrosion solutions, sealants, high-performance paints, adhesives including thread-lockers, degreasers, spill kit solutions, flushing fluid, light bulbs, electrical accessories, grey water and wastewater treatments. Custom fabrication and other solutions available on request.


We understand that this is a critical area, we can assist you to enhance your guests’ experience. The Boat Supply Company considers how to minimise the impact on the crew and the environment in which you specialise. Giving you greater choice and enabling you to obtain well-known products, hardware, and high-performance alternatives providing you with smarter technology. Customisation is available upon request.

Protection & Safety

Keep your guests, crew and vessel safe in all areas of operation. We offer various industry leading Personal Protective Equipment, Spill Kits, Fire-fighting apparatus, masking, restraint / working aloft technology, fender systems, lines and chafe gear. Options are available for vessel protection when in transit or shipyard periods.


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