The Boat Supply Company was founded by Callum Cattle in November 2017 in New Zealand. 

Gaining momentum from Callum’s experience in the Industry since 2008 globally working within construction and operations. The Company has embraced opportunity for growth in this sector. By exposing many leading and upcoming New Zealand and International suppliers, which assists staff and crew to maintain physical investments worldwide.

The Boat Supply Company believes in supply of leading products taking into factors of sustainability, the environmental impact of the consumer and their consumption.

We work with wide a supplier database that continues to grow, achieving fantastic product choices. We utilise and supply you with particular products to fulfill your expectations and enjoy the smart way to maintain and supply your current project.

We believe in the importance of keeping you afloat and getting these to you. We can arrange global logistics options which makes anything possible.

The Boat Supply Company

Earth Conscious Products

The Boat Supply Company will supply you!