Lines, Rigging & Equipment

This includes Sisal, Cotton and Manila. Natural fiber ropes are economical. They have natural resistance to the elements. However these fibers are subject to chemicals and mildew if not cared for correctly.

Spectra, Technora, and Kevlar. Aramid fibre ropes are extremely strong and have very little stretch. Aramid fibre ropes require a protective coating against UV and abrasion.

Having good strength, extension, easy handling and known for its excellent abrasion resistance.  Polyester Rope is ideal and suited to a wide range of general and industrial applications.

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Ultra High Molecular Weight
Polyethylene lines are considered great for marine & industrial
applications, performance yachting, aquaculture and commercial fishing. 

They can be the ideal substitute for wire and steel for mooring lines of tanker
vessels, pennant lines for offshore rigs, tow hawsers, ship assist lines and
much more.

Floating in water makes them a
significantly safer option and their low stretch properties provide greater
sensitivity. It has low elongation combined with their lightweight properties
makes handling easy and the maneuvering of vessels extremely accurate especially
in distress & critical times.

These lines are at least seven times
stronger than steel (by weight) and exhibits the highest strength to weight

Polyethylene or PE lines are available in different colours. It is resistant against abrasion and widely used in fishing.

Polyethylene or PE ropes also float, like polypropylene (PP) ropes. PE ropes are very widely used for a number of different applications.

This line has good strength, high extension and recovery, coiling and with good abrasion and UV resistance. 

For general docking and anchor lines, standard nylon is a good choice. Nylon comes in strands and braided. Three strand is usually used on anchor rodes because of its stretch and resistance to abrasion. Braided, more commonly seen on dock lines and in sailing rigging, will snag easier than stranded line, although it’s usually easier to handle and has great strength.

Commonly used for water sports and line attached to Life Saving Apparatus because polypropylene rope floats. Made of synthetic fibers, it is almost as strong as nylon but less resistant to UV rays.

  •  3, 4, 6, 8, 12 & 16 Strand
  • Double Braid
  • Hollow Braid
  • Solid Braid
  • Chaffing Sleeves
  • Splicing Kits
  • Hot Knifes
  • Whipping Needles and Accessories
  • Leather
  • Line & Leather Work On Request